About Us

Wheatberry Books opened on December 1, 2017

Wheatberry Books opened on December 1, 2017

“I think we all have a passion to really pass on what we love and share it with people. And this is my great love.”
— Chelsea Bruning

It all started when...

Chelsea Bruning launched the idea of a bookstore in downtown Chillicothe in the summer of 2017. Well...it actually started in the 1st grade. She has always been a lover of reading and writing and wanted to share that passion with others. 

Wheatberry Books features new and used books for all ages. We're an independent bookstore for independent thinkers. You won't find books that only fit one way of thinking. We are a place of learning, adventure, mystery and thought. We are an escape from the world. We are a cozy and fun place to get lost and spend hours thumbing through pages. We are your bookstore.